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Can you FAIL at being a fearless mom?

The quick answer is NO, you can not FAIL at being fearless. The following statements are also true, that a rock can not fail at being a rock nor water fail at being water.

Having said that, you could make no positive changes in your life and you would still not fail. But one thing I know for certain is deep down inside there is a dream that you have inside, the dream could be something you felt free in as a child but somewhere down the road of life, that dream got lost.

I’ve been going through some big challenges lately. There’s no excuse other than I have been very unmotivated to blog. I’m still as connected as ever to my Spirit but it’s as if I was hit by a blob of goo and pinned down. Well, if anyone spent time in my shoes, you’d think I’d have an excuse… my intellect thinks I have an excuse. These days I’ve had no more nanny, starting an Executive Coaching program, involved in Toastmasters, working with two coaches, write for other people and basically a full time mom of three toddlers. Physically I am exhausted. Spiritually though, I know that I am capable of doing more only because I’ve experienced it.  One thing is for certain, I’m constantly still getting help from my spirit guides.  Okay, the fact that I wrote that down, freaks me out still a little. It only freaks me out because I still worry what other people will think about that statement but the majority of my being has already moved on from that. To connect to my guides and angels is a normal part of my day now, to not mention the support network available would be a disservice to all.

Going back to the question at hand “Can you fail at being a fearless mom?”. Again, no. When you connect with your spirit and start tapping into that power that is part of you… the part where everyone refers to as having leadership of your life, you can not fail! There may be challenging days when you feel slowed down by physical forces but if you’re vibrating at a different level than most of this current world, it’s just a matter of time when you break free from that.

What does it mean to be a fearless mom? It means you know there is a better world for you and your family. It means you do not have to compromise your children’s happiness for the sake of conforming to the vibrational energy of the current world. It also means life is full of surprises because there is a bigger force that is rallying around you.

These days even though I haven’t written as much on the blog, I am still very active in writing notes in my journal as well as towards the book I’ve been working on.  I’m still very much aware of my physical boundaries of what I can do or can’t do but I also know I’m not working alone at being fearless. So how can I fail at anything if I’m connected to the Universe? It’s important to not label yourself as ‘failing’ in anything only because failure is only a label that the ego would love to attach to you. In truth, you can’t even fail even if you didn’t do much with your life but I can guarantee you’d probably want to come back into this world and do it again if you didn’t learn anything about being your authentic Self. The whole point of our existence is to learn to connect with our spirit and let it guide us to cultivate a happier world.

Do you ever feel like you are failing? If you looked back at the milestones of your life, can you really make that statement? What is one thing you can do to move one step towards a life of being fearless? What’s stopping you from taking just one little step?

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!




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