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Empower our children

My children are my everything, they are the reason I started Fearless Mommies. Some of you might wonder why I don’t write about them that much. Truth be it, I am obviously a little protective over them. I’ve made the decision to write and put my stories out into the world but I want the choice to be theirs if and when they want to do the same. I continually have many internal dialogues about this as I’ve put myself out there with social media.

However, these days I am getting distinct messages to empower our children. I am not talking about just my own, but the world’s children as well. We as moms, are in a way called to pave the way for our children by living with authenticity. For whatever reason your child was born into your home, you were meant to shine in whatever it is you were meant to do for yourself and for them! To empower yourself is  the first step to empower our children.

I recently wrote a blog piece for G-Day for Girls here in Vancouver. It really brought me back to some memories I had as a tween that I had forgotten. When I was little, I felt different than most other girls. The things that interest most little girls, didn’t interest me. My parents never boxed me in to do the “girly” thing, I am thankful of that but I think my mom tried especially when I hit my teens. She encouraged me to wear make up and dresses, but I would have nothing to do with it. The irony was, I wanted to be THAT girly girl! When I reached adulthood, there was a phase in which I did that and I LOVED it! I loved exercising my feminine power. I loved the shoes, the dresses, the make up, the hair etc. However, I always fell back on what felt natural for me and I believed since childhood, that if you can’t love me for my inside than there’s no point in you loving me for my outside.  I  realize it’s silly to make that statement without showing the world who am I am ‘inside’. Deep down inside, the reason I felt that way was because that was the calling in my heart and to be courageous enough to share my message of self love and authenticity.

In hindsight, it is funny because I searched most of my life for my ‘calling’ but there it was all along. For some of us, our ‘calling’ isn’t on the outside displayed for all to see, at least not when I was growing up. I didn’t get to choose it out of a catalogue like… ‘I’d like to be an Olympian Athlete or musician’, more so, my ‘calling’ was something I had to explore.

My kids are really young right now, all three of them are still 3 and under. It gets a little insane sometimes, but they are really good and happy kids. It’s been my number one intention on raising confident, respectful, loving children supported with all the tools towards success. Ultimately, how they end up living their adult life will be up to them but while I have them under my wings, they will be taught all the lessons of empowerment and how to honor who they are inside and outside. This was the first of many lessons I’ve learned about children, our kids are meant to be happy. If at any time, they are not happy, if they are having a fit or a break down, even if they seem innately sad and reflective,  it is because they are needing to be authentic ie. thus happy and something in this world is making them feel unsupported towards achieving this. There is NO child that is an exception to this rule.

Our biggest challenges as parents is to honor this and at the same time, teach them to be respectful, confident, courageous souls ready to make their unique mark in this world. Empowering your children means allowing them to be happy but guiding them towards basic life skills of respect and healthy habits so they can be successful in their journey.

Are your children happy? Are there moments where they couldn’t have it their way because it would cause too much disruption to the family unit? Or they couldn’t have it their way because it was unsafe? How could we honor them and at the same time empower our children? More to come on this.

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Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!





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