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So sad you are not empowering your children

Just read this article today where the author states that “3-year-olds are Assholes” and it really breaks my heart that some parents are not empowering their children.

I’m usually someone that can see the humour in almost anything but come on, calling your own children “Assholes” just when they are starting their lives?

Parenting is a tough job, it’s not made for the wimpy. The main thing that bothered me about the article was that the author didn’t recognize that her children, not only were not assholes but were actually misunderstood little people that finally got a little freedom in realizing their potential in their voice and actions. Then there’s mama and papa there standing in their way of their freedom of expression and natural desire to succeed in life.  Can someone tell me what that little child is doing wrong? Because I just don’t see it. If anything, I see a parenting FAIL.

My 3 yr old twins and 2 yr old toddler will eat anyone up alive if they don’t show leadership skills. That is the nuts and bolts of this issue. On the comments, there were mostly parents that agree with the author. To me this shows the lack of parenting leadership that this world truly needs. I am so thankful that I’m spending time working with parenting coaches to develop the skills to be a great parent. Parenting requires us to hone in some serious leadership skills and to take the time to truly understand your children at the age they are at.

I feel really sorry for all those parents that agree and would refer their child as an ‘asshole’ at that age. What do you think your child’s chances of becoming a successful, well adjusted adult is when the people that were in charge of their support and growth didn’t see their value and potential even at that early age?

Success in life is truly about leadership. When parents do not take on a leadership role but rather one of dictatorship or authoritarian role, they undermine their child’s success and cause sometimes irreversible self sabotaging behaviours. If the people you love and trust the most and brought you into this world didn’t believe you, how much work do you need to start to believe in yourself?? Empowering your children should be your number one role as parents. Shame on the parents that think breaking them down or defaming their child is okay.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!


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