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Going with the flow

If you are on a spiritual journey to find the authentic you, at some point, you will feel the flow of the universe. When you feel that flow, honor it… the universe works in miraculous ways and will always prod you to the right direction, it is up to us to listen and use it towards our purpose.

For those that experience it already, you know what I’m talking about… some call it grace. When flow happens, it’s like the universe opening doors for us, opportunities happen. It’s up to us to take action on the opportunities and up to us to decide how much we are comfortable with. We have the tendency to go with what we’re comfortable with.

For those that haven’t experienced it already, start by giving thanks to the universe for all the support and for love. Then, be still and have an open heart to see it. It may come to you in all sorts of magical ways… may be a butterfly flying by at the right time to validate a feeling, a friend giving you a call at the right time, an opportunity you were hoping for… grace shows up in many forms and ways, we just have to notice it and then honor it. Also have the realization that if you’re not comfortable with what’s presented to you at this time, then perhaps you need to work on the authentic you a little more. Start peeling back the layers of what is holding you back with going with the flow.

Most of the people in the world are not going with the flow, some of us think we know how to manage our lives that’s better than what the universe will present us, some of us think we don’t have a choice, this is where most people go wrong and many stumbling blocks have been created around us based on the fact a lot of people do not go with the flow. If you want to have a great life, then you will need to follow the great you that is already connected to everything in your dreams and that is the universe.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, why is life so hard… then you can see areas where you are either not going with the flow or haven’t been going with the flow. Change takes time, so sometimes going with the flow means you still have to deal with the residual of what you have been doing for years when you haven’t been going with the flow.

Have there been moments when you recognized the flow of the universe? I would love to hear your story, please comment below to share.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!



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