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Gratitude Attitude Rocks!

If you only wanted to do one thing towards living a life of authenticity, I would suggest that to be having the mindset of gratitude. Having a gratitude attitude rocks!

Over here in Canada, we just had a Thanksgiving weekend. My weekend was filled with out of town guests, family and great food. There was much to be thankful for but thanks giving doesn’t just happen one weekend out of the year for me.

Having a gratitude attitude changes your perspective on everything in life. I started off this journey with a few key habits… one which was to write 3 new things I was grateful for everyday. The reason it has to be new is because then we have to break it down to the finest details and can’t blanket a statement such as “I’m thankful for my children”. Instead “I’m thankful for the little twist in my daughter’s dance” is a fine detail, but helps me appreciate all the beauty I live with.

There is much to be thankful for everyday. Sometimes there’s things we don’t even remember to write down because it’s easy to overlook them. The greatest thing about keeping a gratitude journal is because you start seeing what you have today instead of what you don’t have today, it makes you focus on the present moment. It also helps you be aware of all the little miracles in life that we often overlook and forget.

It is a powerful gift you can give yourself today. I started my gratitude journal on a blank sheet of paper before I went and got a beautiful journal for it. Every night, part of my habit after brushing my teeth and washing my face is to write in this journal the three things in the day that I am grateful for. I start with the date, then three points all starting with “I’m thankful for…”, some days I will list out 4-5, but I suggest you keep it at a min 3 to max 5 items.

If you have older children, I would suggest you buy them a journal and instill this practice for them as well. Let them know that being grateful will help them stay positive in life. My children are toddlers, so instead of journalling with them, every night I have alone time with each child and we would go through what they were grateful for during the day. They actually find it a fun thing to do with their mom and look forward to that time.

What are you grateful for today? Feel free to share your thoughts on gratitude in the comment section below.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!



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