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Heaven and hell, all in one day

These last few days have been particularly challenging for me. I seriously have moments of heaven and bliss, then within the same day I will have moments of hell and suffering. I can tell you, nothing on the outside is causing this, the only thing that is causing this is my own thoughts. When I realize that at this very moment, I have EVERYTHING that I want and desire in my life, I am living heaven on earth. When I start worrying about what is next, how will I sustain this life and how am I going to control the outcome of my next chapter of my life, I am living hell on earth.

Most people do not experience this on a daily basis, thankfully! I am only experiencing this because I am consciously making big changes in my life. Most people are stuck somewhere in the middle and experience blips of heaven and hell throughout their life. But today, I realized that to live your best life may sometimes mean you will experience heaven and hell until you get closer to your dreams. I also realized that if you focus on what you do have today, it can carry you through the hard times a lot better than if you focus on what you don’t have.

If you are already living your best life, I applaud you! I believe there is plenty of room to make it a better world starting with each and every one of us living our best lives. If you embrace life and don’t shy away from being the authentic you, you can experience a life you previously would have only dreamt of.

Be brave and be bold, be who you were born to be. You can try and do it on your own but it’s a lot easier if you let the universe guide and support you since it knows you the best… just saying!

What does living your best life look for you? Please comment below to share!

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!






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