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Let’s make Mediocrity a bad word

Mediocre… that pretty much sums up my life up to this point.

Well, depends who is looking at my life. In North America, if you were to compare me to all the superstars we see on TV, the standard in this country, I am considered mediocre. If you showed someone in the third world country a video of my life, they would say I’m abundant and wealthy. So what is it?

I am abundant and wealthy. It’s not so much how anyone else sees or feels about me, it’s how I feel about myself and I don’t want anyone else to feel mediocre either. Let’s face it, if we can put food on the table, have a warm space to sleep, able to shower, have clean clothes… that is considered mediocre. So what I’m really saying is, a vast majority of people in our world are mediocre. As soon as your basic needs are met, most people are mediocre at best. Somehow, we’ve decided this is okay. Want to know why we think it is okay? Because we’ve been told this since we were children. We’ve been told ‘This is how it is, we are helpless in this world’,’You get the luck of the draw’, ‘You can only make something for yourself if you work hard’. Okay, whomever fed me those lies, let me tell you, it’s simply not true. I worked hard, lots of people work hard every day at the sacrifice of not seeing their children, sacrificing their health, sacrificing their happiness and still barely making it. We put some money in the bank in hopes that some day we will finally have the freedom to live the life we only dream of.  If you are living a mediocre life, forget everything you learned up until this point.

Listen carefully… YOU are able to create the life you dream of. I am actually living the life I dream of and I know it’s going to get better because I can feel it. What makes my life what I’ve only dreamt of before? My mindset… I finally feel ‘free’. I am a free agent of the world, I no longer have to try and fit the uniqueness of who I am into the options I’ve been presented with. Who gave me that power? I did… with the help of the Universe. I’m not saying that it was easy to get to this mindset, but I can say it gets easier. It’s basically a retraining of your mind. I am not kidding when I say when you retrain your mind, your brain actually gets physically rewired to accommodate your new mindset, that is called neuroplasticity of your brain.

Would you like to see the end of the living a mediocre life? Do you believe in the possibilities that we can all live a life of greatness? Do you feel up to the challenge to be a leader in your own life? Feel free to comment below… wishing you and everyone a life of abundance.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!




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