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Fearlessly living OUT OF CONTROL!

What does it mean to be living fearlessly out of control? Does that sound scary to you or perhaps a little crazy? lol I’m sure a lot of people would be very uncomfortable with this concept but here goes.

Here’s the daily quote from Abraham Hicks in my inbox this morning:

So many people need you to behave in a certain way for them to feel good. They condemn you for your selfishness. “How dare you be so selfish as to follow what makes you feel good? You should follow what makes us feel good.” At an early age, you were convinced that you weren’t smart enough to know and that somebody else should make the decisions… You could not live in this culture during the times of your life without getting a huge amount of information relative to that, just in the way people respond to the things you do and say. —Abraham

So much of the world we live in is about living under ‘rules’ and under control. We come into this world and it’s all about ‘no’, no you can’t do this or that, no, you can’t have everything you want. We judge each other by our own perceptions of what rules there are in our own lives. One example, it’s common in religion to have rules and ways of living based out of fear. Not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, living free and spiritually at peace is often based from lessons in religion, it is just unfortunate that ‘men’ (I say that loosely – I mean history of humanity) put the dogma into it.

Think about the biggest dream you could have about living a life that is completely free and loved, where you could live anywhere and do anything you want to do… then ask yourself, are you living that life and if not, why not? Ask yourself, are you saying ‘no’ to the life of your dreams? Are we scared to truely live freely? Everytime you say ‘no’, ask yourself “What would happen if I said Yes!?”. People will tell you “no, you can’t live like that because it’s not realistic and you can’t make a living”. I ask, is that advice coming from someone that is living that big dream life or someone that is living a life of being safe? If you want a life of being fearless and free, go look for the advice from the people that are living that life. Anyone that is successful and living large… listen to their advice on how they said ‘YES’ to their dreams and how many people told them ‘no’.

What about the out-of-control part? The part I’m talking about is the part we no longer play it safe, you start trusting a large part of our lives to the universe and letting go of control of an outcome or expectation. The universe has got you, better than what you would plan for yourself. Listen carefully and be open to receiving what life has in store for you instead of controlling the outcome to everything and playing it safe.

I want my kids to live fearlessly out of control! I want them to have confidence in their own leadership. Yes, they still need to follow laws of our country and yes, they still need to respect physical safety boundaries like not walking into ‘traffic’ and to be respectful, kind, compassionate individuals, but I want them to not be afraid to express who they are and how they want to live their life. I want them to believe in their dreams because that’s what life is about… dreaming and loving life. I will not be the person that tells them ‘no’ that they can’t do it and you can be sure, I’m going to warn them about the people they are going to meet in life that tell them ‘no’, but those people won’t matter… because our children will have it in their heart to be true to who they are. They will root themselves in being fearless ie. LOVE, feeling loved and supported. They will be living the life of their dreams and all those people that said no to them will be asking “How did they do that?”.

Love to you all… that is how I choose to live my life. You can join me on your own fearless journey or you can stay safe if that’s what you’re comfortable with but I want you ask yourself “why”? I’d also like to challenge the ‘no’ sayers, to do something they really want and love to do but normally would say no to out of fear. Take that first little step to living fearlessly.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!




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