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To Make Money, Spend Money

If  you want to make money,  spend money. Here’s what you need to know about money. Money is neutral, it is just an object to have a relationship with. Relationships are based on feelings. Feeling is energy.

So what is your relationship with money? Do you not worry about it but spend it loosely goosely and can never seem to save enough? Do you feel that if someone is writing about money, then they must be greedy? If so, what does that say about the desire to have more money… is that a negative trait? Do you feel you need to hang onto it tightly because you don’t have enough? What does that say about the energy the universe has for you in terms of money… is it hanging onto your money tightly too? You’re not going to see much of it if that’s the message you are giving out to the universe.

But okay, let’s be realistic here, you aren’t going to see a lot of money too if you spend it as fast as it comes in. You also aren’t going to make money if you continually spend money that you don’t have. Think of your relationship to money like this… it’s air you breathe in for the nurturing of your body, if you want your body to be healthy, you need to breathe in and breathe out. Something so simply like breathing sometimes has deliberate motions we might not even be aware of. For instance, if one is stressed out or depressed, our breathing is constricted… this affects the entire state of our body. If one goes for a run everyday in the fresh air, the air goes in and out of the body and nurtures every cell so that we have a healthy body. That is what the energy of money is like. Yes, in this physical rat race world we live in, most of us need money unless you decide to move out to the mountains, grow and farm your own food! But then, you probably still want money for electricity and buying tools for your farm etc… so it’s not likely to happen that you don’t need money in some form if you’re reading this – ha!

Here are my rules for money:

The DO’s:

  • Spend in businesses or organizations you support.
  • Spend on an organization you love their values.
  • Spend on a coach that is going to move you forward and help you expand your mind or business.
  • Spend on consciously aware organizations.
  • Spend on businesses that take care of people, their employees and their clients with respect and growth.
  • Spend on businesses that care about our earth.
  • Spend on businesses that care about other living creatures of this earth.
  • Spend on businesses that are interested in creating healthy lifestyles.
  • Spend that nurtures your body and soul in some way, through food, music, art, travel etc.

Spending money creates a good economy and can make you happy… don’t forget, it’s not the money that made you happy, it’s the feeling or energy it allowed to come into your life by you spending it. Remember spend money only when it makes you happy but be consciously aware of what that money is contributing to in terms of humanity and the earth we live on and all the inhabitants of the earth. We all can not afford to not care about the home of humanity.

The DON’Ts:

  • Don’t spend more than you can earn.
  • Don’t spend money if it’s credit you don’t have (there may be a few exceptions to this rule – but I’m sticking to this one.)
  • Don’t spend money on businesses that treat their people poorly.
  • Don’t spend money on businesses that don’t care about humanity.
  • Don’t spend money on businesses that don’t care about mother earth.
  • Don’t spend money on businesses that are inhumane to animals.

Don’t spend money if it makes you unhappy! If it makes you unhappy, chances are there is another way around your dilemma. Might require you asking the universe for a solution to your problem!

What is your relationship with money like?? Do you feel free or constricted? Are you on a tight budget or do you see how abundant you are today? Feel free to comment in the section below on your relationship with money. Don’t forget, the universe will always reflect to you the energy you are giving out.

I’ll be talking about making money and receiving money, but that’s another day.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!




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