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The mystery of human connections

Have you ever wondered why people often attract the same kind of people into their lives over and over? Like for example, someone that has had a past of abuse will often end up in relationships where there is abuse involved. Obviously no one ever wants to repeat bad history and when we go out and meet potential partners, we do not willingly choose those negative traits in a partner.

When we all first meet, we’re on our best behaviour but deep down inside there is this internal attraction that seems to steer us either in the right or wrong direction when we look for partners. This happens in every form of relationships, whether that be through spouses, co-workers, and potential partners. If you look deep enough you see the lessons in our family members as well including our children. We’re born into or give birth to our most powerful lessons of unconditional love. Every person you meet is an opportunity to learn to love. If you don’t learn what you need to, you’ll have to repeat the course… again and again until you get it and can move onto the next lesson. That’s why so often we see a repeat of the same mistakes over and over… and we ask ourselves “Ugh, I did it again! How did I not see that?”. Well, you can’t possible see that because it’s an vibrational energy you are sending out and we are attracting the same level vibrations.  For instance, if you are vibrating in a place where life has been frightening, then you will naturally attract those that match those vibrations until you consciously make an effort to raise your vibrations to a higher level.

How do you raise your vibrations to a higher level? This is where you learn to be conscious of all your thoughts including ones you always thought were your own but inherently they are nothing more than taped messages in our brain.  You choose the path of understanding what love really means. You connect with your higher spiritual Self, that which will guide you to make the right choices through intuition. You choose to listen to your intuition. You seek the answer from your higher Self. If none of this makes sense to you, I encourage you to read, listen, ask around yourself and seek the answer, it will come to you when the time is right.

Know that every moment is not a mistake but part of a beautiful lesson, be aware of those lessons otherwise, we miss them, do not grow spiritually and keep repeating them. What lessons are you repeating? How can you do things differently so as not to repeat the lesson? Please comment in the section below.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!







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