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Be Nice, play nice

Teach your children to be nice and play nice. Pretty obvious isn’t it? Yet, often I’m outside with my children and I see many parents and their kids simply acting like other people do not exist. A simple smile or hello would be nice.

Today, I posted an article on facebook “Why are you teaching your daughter to be a mean girl?” . The author writes that when she was in high school, she was teased about her weight. Years later, she is a mom and bumps into one of these ‘mean girls’, who was now a mom too. She writes that mean girls turn out to be mean moms.

When I go to preschool to pick up my kids, I always say hi to the other parents and encourage my kids to say bye when they are leaving. Seems obvious to me that we should be encouraging our kids to be friendly, but often my greetings are received with a blank stare or a forced ‘hi’. Wow, please do not do me any favours by saying hi if it’s forced.

A few months ago, I would have thought these parents were simply rude people teaching their kids rude behaviour. But I realize how much more this means for humanity. The only reason people act that way is because of fear. We are often walking around in our little bubbles, feeling separated but in reality, we are all connected at a deeper level. To not recognize this means that we close off our chances of embracing the miracles around us. Every day and every moment is a miracle awaiting for us to acknowledge. Every person you meet is a miracle. You would be astonished how great life is if you start living that way.

Teach your children to be nice and play nice… it really is in their best interest. Seems like a ‘giving’ thing but it’s actually a ‘receiving’ thing. When you start smiling and acknowledging those around you, you are actually opening yourself up to receiving everything the universe has to offer you.

I know this takes practice… I am practising this every day myself. Some moments it’s hard to be open when much of our selves are so fearful and closed off, we are our worst enemies. Trust me when I say that every moment is a lesson in love, if you live a fear-less life, you are embracing all the abundance the universe wants to offer you. The universe doesn’t ask for much, just that you be nice and be willing to receive… what a good deal huh?

Any time you feel that the journey is simply too hard, ask yourself ‘are you showing up to receive?’. Take this as a challenge, no matter how difficult it may feel, show up every day with a smile or a warm hello and tell me how does that feel? Love to hear your comments below!

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!



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