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The Safety Net

Life has been pretty full. Since I’ve been working on my Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, it’s added a whole new dimension to my already busy lifestyle. The faculty were not kidding when they said it would add about another 20 hours of work every week. Let’s not even talk about the extra work, the courses I’m working on these days are all to do with personal mastery. That is a stripping down and personal groundwork of my life as a coach.  You know the quote “Until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes…” ? Well, it’s a quote of empathy and unless a coach has experienced what that feels like to be – truly human, how can they coach others? In order to be a great coach, one really needs to be committed to forever learning about unveiling truths about life.

On top of the school work is the continuation of building a business to sustain our family. As I work on the foundation, finances are tight as we made the decision (sorry, “I” made the decision, my husband just did the loving thing and supported me, thankfully) to move forward as a primarily single income family until the roots of the business have been established.

So here we are, a single income family living in a very expensive area in the world. The option to move hasn’t presented itself as I’d still like to be close to my parents as they get older and of course, there’s friends and other family. Finances are tight, we need to look at everything from a different angle.  Big changes are coming into play as we make dramatic changes to our child care. We no longer need a full time nanny so we have had to lay her off. The decision to let her go has emotionally been a difficult one for me because of the fact that I trust her and it means I have to look for someone else that I have to trust. Emotionally it also means that I will no longer have that flexibility with the business during week days until I get some child care help. Intellectually it is the best decision for our family because our older two have been gradually rejecting her due to the fact that it’s apparent to them that she doesn’t really take time to engage with them. I’ve also come to the conclusion that my kids really NEED me to support them. I’m not talking about the fact that I am their mother, I am talking about the fact that I am someone that gives a crap about them and will fight/challenge anything to ensure they are growing spiritually. They get that about me. They want to grow, not just physically but in other capacities, everything in their energy says that.

We gave our full time nanny notice to go about 45 days ago. As I write this, today is the last day of her being with us. She surprised me yesterday when she told me she wasn’t going to be able to work with us part time starting next week, which is what we were agreeing to. A lot of it doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t even matter what anybody said.  The fact is, it’s an unhealthy situation for the kids and the universe knew that. As an adult, we often need to ram our head against the wall a few times before we ‘get it’ that the situation is unhealthy. Well, at least, that seems to be my own style. I am reminded to trust and give it up to the Universal safety net… send out the intention that I need better help. The door opens… now what? I stay patient and trust that everything will land softly with the right timing. The outcome usually isn’t something that I would have necessarily planned but always better than had I controlled it completely myself.

Update Nov 2014: We did find a great mommy helper for a few months while I finished my Executive Coaching program. That big safety net was there and the perfect help did present itself. She still works with us, however, in Jan 2015 we will need another person to fill that role as she will be going into a school practicum and will no longer have that time to help in the day.



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