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Stepping into the fear

To be a fearless mommy doesn’t mean you will reach a place where you will no longer have fear. Fear is part of growth, it is our natural tendency to have the element of fear if we are doing something that is outside of our comfort zone. Being a fearless mommy means sometimes you feel the fear and step into it, you are courageous, and you ‘fear less’ every time you do that. Being a fearless mommy means believing in yourself, seeing a vision where change is required and stepping into the fears that you initially face to make those changes happen.

I was just dealing with some fear yesterday, do I really want to live my heart’s purpose in life? I mean, how badly do I want to live that life because living that life means stepping out of my comfort zone, time and time again. The good news is that the more you step into fears, the more you realize the images we had in our minds are not nearly anywhere close to reality. We tend to build the fears up in our mind so much that it paralyses us from doing anything positive towards a change we know we really need to truly live life. Our physical bodies are programmed that way for a good reason, sometimes we have to honour that, sometimes we have to realize it’s more of a ‘proceed with caution’ sign. There are times that we have subconscious fears that are holding us back from truly experiencing the great life that we were born to live and we aren’t even aware they are there, we just think those are not the cards we were dealt with.

Stepping into fear really is a challenge to grow. Embrace it and be surprised how great it feels to step into a fear that has been holding you back.

What are some fears that could be holding you back? What are some ways you can step into them? Please share your story below in the comment section.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!






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