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I still have a big ego

Seriously, some days the things that I hear from my ego, I just want to punt kick her or him out across a field. Since being on this journey of self awareness, I hear my ego a lot, I mean a lot. My ego has a way of creeping in and giving unsolicited advice at any time. Common things I hear from my ego are:

“Ah… this is stupid!”
“Oh, that guy totally threw me for a loop, I need to tell someone about it.”
“I’m never going to be able to do that.” 
“I don’t have time for this.” 
“I’m smarter than him (or her), therefore…” .

I hear my ego but I don’t usually listen to it any more. There’s been a few realizations about my ego:

  • My ego is not my enemy.
    I believe my ego came into existence because it’s there to protect us to survive. Problem is, it doesn’t really know what it’s protecting us from anymore, so instead, the thoughts end up building walls around our hearts. Humanity has evolved where the things that threatened us before, no longer threaten us daily (ie. wild animals, need to hunt for food and shelter). Our egos are still running rampant from the programs that evolved from our past generations.
  • Where ego is present, there is work to be done on the Self.
    Every time I hear my ego, there’s usually a lack of love that I need to work on and another perspective I need to work on. The ego is a great way to figure out where we need work… so no punk kick for the ego 😉 as much as I would love to!

This is how I’m handling my dear ego. I hear and acknowledge in my thoughts that she/he has a valid opinion. Repeat and rinse as many times as needed 😉 . Then I observe what was said and I dissect it for what the true meaning is, what is lacking in love? You see, our dear egos like to speak to us from fear and alienation from humanity as a whole. Our dear egos like to look at our selves as alone and fighting for our lives. That isn’t the truth, maybe at one time there was some truth to it, but human consciousness has evolved to the levels that it’s not true any more. We aren’t in this world alone and the sooner you realize that, the sooner our world will be better for us and generations to come.

Having said that though, there is work to be done alone on our Self, our consciousness. Before those thoughts from the ego become words, do a quick check… do those words, you are about to share, feel positive or negative to you? If it feels negative, please find a way to release it in a safe way, so it projects a strong you that comes from love, and doesn’t cause harm to anyone else including yourself!

If this all sounds a little like crazy talk to you… well, that is because it is. The ego is the birth place of insanity. It is the dark side of us that we aren’t always open to share and often shouldn’t. It’s the side of us that blinds us from being authentic, loving and truly enjoying our world. I suspect ego will always be a part of me though but am looking forward to what it will evolve into as I shine more light towards it.

Do you still have a big ego? How are you showing up for your authentic Self when your ego talks? Please comment below if you want to share on some positive ways to deal with the ego.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!






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