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The only thing we really ‘own’ is our heart

Had a situation today where my twins were fighting over toys, with my twin daughter trying to pry a toy off her twin brother’s hands. When I finally separated the two, I sat down and had a chat with my daughter. I was thinking what was the best way to handle this… in the past, I’ve told her it’s not her turn and she had to wait for her turn but today, the message was different. She kept saying “It’s MINE! It’s MINE!” so my response to her was “It’s not YOURS, you don’t really OWN anything but it’s here for you to enjoy and to share.”  When the words came out of my mouth, I was actually surprised and pondered what that really meant. Then I realized it was the truth, we don’t really ‘own’ anything in this world, it may appear that we do but reality is that there is nothing to ‘own’ except what’s in our hearts.

Our world is ever changing, what you think you ‘own’ now, won’t be what you ‘own’ tomorrow. It comes and goes like the tide and the only thing that remains is really the movement of the tide, not the things that are being swept in and out. This reality may seem a little unreal to you but here’s the good news, everything in the world isn’t for us to ‘own’ but it’s here for us to enjoy and share. All the beauty in the world is there for us to enjoy and stand in awe of the natural creation that surrounds us or delighted from the creations from our human family… all for us to enjoy!

The only treasures there are in life are the ones stored in our hearts. As you grow in your authenticity, there will be many treasures to store in your heart including creations from each other. Every day there are opportunities to collect and create love.

Today is a good day to say gratitude for the treasures in our hearts. If there are any gratitudes you want to share, please comment below! I love hearing gratitudes… little tidbits of treasures.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!



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