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Lucia Griesbach CEC

Lucia G (Griesbach) is the CEO (Consciousness Expansion Officer) for Fearless Mommies. She has spent almost two decades in the technology sector as a web and software developer. She has a certificate in Project Management with a specialization in Strategic Leadership, as well as has managed many web projects. She is also a Certified Executive Coach.

lg_profile_2014_02In 2013, she made the decision to ‘free’ herself from being ‘successful’ at surviving to embracing and having the courage to be successful at thriving. This meant being more present for her family, being true to herself and redefining ‘success’ as a thriving life of work-life balance with authenticity. As she became more empowered by her new found knowledge of how our thoughts create our reality, she wanted to give back by creating Fearless Mommies to support other moms on the same journey.  She is quite intuitive by nature so it made sense for her to coach empowerment through intuition.

Today, she lives fear-less-ly, meaning she challenges her own fears towards a vision of making Fearless Mommies a supportive community of moms, all on their own journeys and with their own passions and wanting to share their lessons of love to inspire others to do the same.

As she steps into the future, doors and opportunities keep opening towards her vision of success. Along this journey, she has become an Global Presence Ambassador for Parenting 2.0 as well as joining the specialists from Creating Champions for Life, in support of positive parenting strategies to empower our children.

She is available for Transformational Coaching if you’re looking for shifts in your being and how you want it reflected into your physical reality. She is a masterful coach and like a beacon of light will show you the way, always fully present, engaged, focused and intentional. Lucia genuinely cares for her clients. Her thoughtful manner shows through in the way she guides those she works with effectively and persistently to personal transformation. She is firm in the belief that every individual is whole and capable of resolving their own challenges. As your coach, she will be the catalyst and guiding force, uncovering a-ha moments, helping you to clarify your personal vision, and empowering and supporting you to achieve your dreams through committed and inspired actions.

On the home front, she has three young children, a dog and is happily married. Her children help her grow as a parent and a person by constantly challenging her ideals on scheduling, authenticity and being balanced. She feels her children have taught her some of the most valuable lessons of life. She enjoys a good laugh and being open to the Universal miracles as she steps into what her heart desires (freedom, joy, love, peace) and peels back any fears on her journey step by step into the future.

She welcomes connections with like minded individuals interested in living abundantly.

Click here to book an Transformational Coaching session with her.

Contact her at [email protected] for more information.

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