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Today is a new day

Everyday is a new day.

Yesterday is the past, it is over. Today is a fresh new day full of opportunities to create what you want for your life. Forget about all the thoughts that bind you into thinking you can’t be or do something. Know that you are infinite in your creativity, although we are bound by time in this world. Don’t let the thought of time discourage you from taking the first step towards a bigger vision.

If you live everyday with the feeling of freedom in your heart, the only feeling you can manifest is more freedom. If you live everyday with the feeling of gratitude in your heart, the only feeling you can manifest is more gratitude.  Don’t be discouraged if you have a few bumps on your journey… in order to be the best ‘you’ possible, these things are a necessity for your spiritual growth. With everything in life, in order to make something strong or shine, it takes friction and heat. Life is like a spiritual treadmill for your soul… in order to get really fit, you need to sweat it out some days.   Even diamonds don’t start off looking beautiful and brilliant.

Embrace every day as if it was the first day of a new life of abundance. Believe it with your heart, soul and let it resonate into your physical being. Don’t give up, there will be tough days, but what you need will be given to you if you are open to receiving.  Work on how you are showing up every new day… are you open to receiving and giving love? Do you truly understand what love is? Would you love more abundance in your life? Does abundance mean money for you? Does money buy you love? Does money buy you freedom? Or is money just a token of love? Or is money just a token of freedom? Think about what money really represents for you.

Today is a new day to create what you want. What do you want? Be clear in what you want. Feel free to comment in the section below.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!






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