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Look for more opportunities for joy

Lately there’s a lot of talk about authenticity, inner essence, connection, love…

Companies are talking about listening to their employees, to their clients, to stakeholders… whomever they are servicing.

People are talking about building the life of their dreams, getting connected to what’s important to them. People are quitting work that feels out of alignment of what makes them happy. Self employment is at a new record high.

Visionaries are talking about abundance, artificial intelligence, sustainable living, ecology, building communities, charity, singularity…

What is going on?

We’re IN the process of evolution. We have ALWAYS been in a process of evolution, however, we’re at a place in time where technology allows for us to evolve faster than we have ever been able to.

We have many choices in our lives but evolution is not one of them. Evolution is NOT a choice. Whether or not, you want it, change happens… evolution happens.

There are no side spectators, even those seemingly watching on the sidelines thinking none of this really applies to their lives… it’s simply not true. Everyone has a role to play in this evolution history. Some have bigger roles on stage, some small roles, some have behind the scene roles, and even some have roles in the audience.

What role will you be playing?

This doesn’t have to be complicated. Our roles in evolution will simply be defined by how satisfied you are in life.

Remember when you were a little kid playing?… For most kids, it’s so natural to just look for that which excites them, makes them laugh, to allow their creative juices run freely.

As adults, we often forget how simple it can be to look for the joys in life. “Life” takes over or what we define as “Life”. Is work “Life”? Is surviving “Life”? Are we making time to define what “Life” means for you?

Do we need to meditate more? Do we need to stay present? Stop stressing out, let it go?

As an Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and conscious leadership coach, I can tell you a simple approach of follow what makes you joyful. I mean this with the full knowledge that you still need to be an adult about it.

There is nothing more irritating than a full grown adult shirking their responsibilities.

When you were a child… you lived in abundant chaos… as an adult you aim to live in abundant order.

If you feel unfulfilled in life and don’t know what and where you should be headed, follow what gives you joy and be open to opportunities for more joy in your life.







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