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Keri-Anne Livingstone

Keri-Anne Livingstone is a Fearless Mom, Wife, Certified Co-Active™ Powerhouse Coach and ‘Daring To Suck’ expert who works with courageous women and wholehearted seekers who want more for themselves, their life and the world.  Her philosophy supports the importance of being authentic, true to yourself and getting back into the driver’s seat of your life – to feel the fear and do it anyway saying NO to apologies or guilt along the way. Keri-Anne is proof that when you put yourself first and pursue a life of passion and purpose, it actually improves how you care for and relate to the beautiful ‘moving parts’ of your life.

When working along side Keri-Anne, you can expect to:


Keri-Anne Livingstone

  • GET REAL with all aspects of your life – the good, bad and fugly;
  • REVIEW where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go;
  • GET CLEAR on what’s most important to you and uncover your life’s purpose;
  • RECONNECT YOU TO YOU so that from there, you can create and nurture the relationships you want both personally and professionally;
  • CLAIM YOUR VOICE, give you back the megaphone so you can start calling the shots;
  • IDENTIFY YOUR SABOTEUR (aka inner dialogue, ego, mind-chatter etc) that serves to “protect you” but also keep you small, doubting & afraid to take risks;
  • CREATE FULL ACCESS to your ‘Inner Yoda’ to start making clear, explanation-free decisions;
  • DEVELOP A PLAN OF ACTION with to get you moving and making the changes you want with supportive accountability; and
  • INVITE ownership, empowerment, choice and F.U.N back into your life!

Her ‘Daring to Suck’ philosophy involves getting CURIOUS  about our life as it stands, being COURAGEOUS  to explore a new way (if the old way isn’t working) and CELEBRATING the learning, growth and inspiration along the way. She believes that transformation is about what we experience along the way and how we apply the lessons – not about the destination.  To learn more about Keri-Anne and her work, visit

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