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We are surrounded by miracles

I was watching a movie last night. The movie was “A Place Beyond the Pines” starring Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Bradley Cooper. It started off about a motorcycle stunt driver (Gosling) struggling to survive especially after finding out he had a newborn baby boy with a lover in the past (Mendes). He started robbing banks as a means to provide for his child and this catapulted him into an intertwining of his life with a rookie cop (Cooper). The movie showed how we struggle every day to ‘survive’, didn’t matter if it was the motorcycle stunt driver who lived in a trailer, the past lover who chose to settle or the rookie cop that turned into a politician. The movie also showed how we all struggle with humanity in some way, giving in to what we know is wrong but just ignoring it to survive. Not sure if I would recommend the movie, I know my husband wouldn’t but I wanted something thought provoking and it definitely was that for me.

It really got me thinking about how we all try so hard to be something in this world when all we need is to let ourselves be what we were meant to be. Instead of trying to figure it out all on our own, so few realize that we need to get connected to our source of energy. It’s interesting, I’ve been participating in A course in Miracles and in the course, it states that miracles happen every day. At first, I didn’t really understand this, though I know that miracles have happened to me recently, but now I understand. Everyday, we are surrounded by miracles… some examples: around the world women are getting pregnant and having babies, children grow, grass grows, wind blows through trees, the earth rotates, the sun rises, the moon sets, flowers bloom, eagles are born to fly, etc. I could go on but I’m sure you get my point. Even within our own bodies, miracles happen every day. Hardly anyone ever questions or notices these miracles, for the most part we take it for granted. But the point is, none of those things have to try to be anything, they just do it. Babies do not try to grow in the womb, they just do. Grass does not try to grow, it just does. The sun does not try to rise, it just does. Got my point? Why do we try so hard to survive when all we have to do is allow ourselves to be. I’m not saying there isn’t questions surrounding that for me as well, though I’m allowing myself to get all the answers I need from my source. What I do know is that it doesn’t matter how you get connected to your source, it just is important that we do, we don’t have to try so hard to do it all on our own, when we were built with the source in us. We’re born to have the intelligence to rule the world but yet, we take for granted where this intelligence came from. In times, were miracles cease to exist, you may see mankind has tampered with it. Yet, when tragedies happen, we look to our source and want to be connected then. Why God, we ask, why? Yes, why? Why are we given the intelligence to create heaven on earth but choose to destroy and mess with it? The answer is because we forgot where we came from and most of the time, don’t even think about that until tragedy strikes. So I urge you to get connected in whatever way you can to your source, ask the right questions, meditate, pray and watch for miracles all around you.

Haha… I will get off my soapbox now. I’m trying to lighten up because that’s who I am… someone that used to find humour in everything. I’ve been pretty serious lately because I know there’s a message we need to get out to humanity. I have a special spot in my heart for mothers because they are the nurturers of our future. It’s called Mother Earth for a reason 🙂

Look for miracles every day. What miracles did you notice today? Please share your daily miracle in the comment section below.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!





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