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It was a sad day for my little boy…

Some days are just sad days and there’s not a lot we can do about them.

Yesterday was one of those days for my son. For those of you who don’t know him… he’s a very loving, kind soul who is sensitive and very much a boy. By that I mean, he loves all things with action heros, good guys/bad guys, fast cars, weapons of destruction, building lego… and then he has this very deep sensitive side that is the most generous, loving little man that I’ve ever met.

To give you an example of his loving nature. I came back from a business trip in San Diego and he came running to the garage to meet me. The first thing he did was give me a BIG HUG, a kiss and say how much he missed me! Then without any prompting or hesitation, he grabs the luggage handle and says “Let me get this for you” as he wheels in my luggage for me! This is a six year old boy we’re talking about!!  I couldn’t be a prouder mom for the little gentleman I see in him.

I work very hard in making sure my own crap doesn’t influence the beautiful little boy he’s growing into.

Well, yesterday when I picked him up after a long day at school, he was having a very sad day. He started telling me that kids were asking him about a bad bruise he got on his chin. He had fell the day before and chin vs floor… bam! His chin swelled up with a purple bruise within minutes! Anyhow, apparently some kids were asking about his chin, then at recess, some older kids were making fun of his chin saying that he must have been “crying like a big baby”. He was so sad and frustrated from the day. He didn’t know how to handle the emotions, so he took it out on me and his little sister. He started getting really mean, so I had to nip it in the bud and tell him it’s okay to be sad but it’s not okay to take it out on other people.

He started crying…. sobbing…. his heart wide open and feeling the overwhelming sadness of his heart as it had been trampled on.

Sometimes the world isn’t so kind. And being a little boy in a big world is sometimes not so easy. It’s the reason I do the work I do.

I held him tight as he cried and explained that sometimes the world can seem mean.  As I held him, I remembered something that really works for me when I’m going through a real rough day. “Do you want to do a mountain meditation with me?” I asked. “It’ll help you feel better I said and help you understand how to take your power back”. He nodded and as I held him tightly, we did a mindful meditation together.

Basically we envision a mountain with glistening peaks and then eventually become the mountain. We picture the kids that were not so kind and their words swirling around like clouds around the mountain. We talked about standing firm in our greatness and knowing the strength we have inside and most importantly, we breathed and allowed the sad energy to flow.

This worked amazing for him. Soon he felt strong again and the sadness left him… he was back to being my happy loving boy.

Your kids just want to be heard and loved for who they are. Sometimes they face big emotions as they go out into the world. Try out the mountain meditation for yourself first and then use it when your kids are feeling like they’ve been beaten up emotionally. Click here to try it out…. then post in the comments or send me an email at [email protected] how it worked for you.

Keep loving and learning however big or small!






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