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My Evolution as a Parent

When I started this blog, my intention was to be the best parent for my kids so I could empower them. I felt like I knew a lot about being a parent and had a lot to share about how to empower my kids. I felt like I was going to be the best parent for my kids.

My kids are now 8 and 9. And this is what I learned so far… lol. I know nothing and sometimes everything all at the same time. Being the best parent for my kids means striving to be the best ME. I was the best parent for my kids when I wasn’t a parent because I thought it was going to be simple. Funny thing is it is very simple but yet not in the way I thought. Before I became a parent, I thought parenting meant I’d give them the best guidance and take care of their needs. I didn’t know being a parent meant you could want all the best for your kids and they’d fight you tooth and nail to not follow anything you say. I didn’t know that being a parent means you show up with all the ‘stuff’ that you carried with you as a child… and children, well, they like to magnify it for you. They are reflections of all the areas of your life where you could do better. Sometimes, the reflections suck… especially when you are, like me, a perfectionist at heart. They will show you every ounce of imperfection you have in you. One day, they may even say words like “you suck”, “you’re a bad parent” and “I hate you” after you spent an entire day catering to their every needs. But you know you’re doing okay when you get far more “I love you’s” and “you’re such a great mom” and “you’re the best”. Plus the hugs, they’re the best. That’s actually what I strive for now… to be doing okay as a parent.

This is what’s more important to me now – to strive to be better version of me as a conscious leader of my life. And if I’m doing okay at being ‘me’, then I’m doing okay at being a parent. For me, being a better me means striving to become more wholehearted in leading myself, loving myself and those around me. Being a better me also means living my best life… having better habits, improving on where I can do better, and allowing imperfection to be part of life. If I were to talk to the me that started this blog, I’d say be okay with imperfection because there will be a lot of it. This parenting role has a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes you feel crappy for having a bad parenting moment, you need to let yourself off the hook. I would also say to the younger me that being a parent has nothing to do with telling your kids what to do. It has everything to do with showing your kids what to do.

Today, I stand fierce as a mom of 3… I’m learning not to take any crap from anyone, I’m learning how to be a better version of me in parenting, business and life. I’ve learned a lot and still have lots to learn.


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