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Shift our mindset, shift the world

This morning I was thinking a lot about what is working and what isn’t working in my life, how do I get in and out of flow of who I am. Then it dawned on me that the focus should never be about suffering and it should always be about creation. The thought should never dwell too long in the negativity but should counter that with positivity. I’m not talking about a ‘Pollyanna’ type of attitude, it may start off as a change in attitude but become more of an action.

Not everything is this world currently is cheery, smelling like roses and to pretend that it is, would be an injustice to our human family. There is a lot of suffering going on at this time, according to statistics from the World Food Programme, currently there are 870 million people  in the world that go to sleep hungry every night. There are currently over 16,000 children that die from hunger every year. We don’t have a shortage of food, we have a shortage of people that care.

Okay, I’m not suggesting I or you on our own can solve this issue nor am I suggesting we ignore the issue, but what I’m saying is if you always bring love into the equation and start living a life where you are somehow supporting or giving back to our human family in a creative way, our world will be a better place. You see it’s a domino effect, you may or not be the one that finds a creative way to fix a problem in the world but going in that direction will effect those around you to do the same. Someone (maybe even you) in your circles may have the right entrepreneurial spirit to make a positive change.

What can we do today to start shifting our mindset? First off… if you are going through a negative time in your life, do not describe it to people as “I’m going through a really hard time”, don’t stay in the drama, we don’t want to be stuck in that mindset, rather you are transitioning to something better.  It’s time to switch our mindset towards positive flowing energy, like “I’m making big changes right now for the betterment of my life”. You see the difference? Make it a game to make the switch and be ready to receive the positive flow. I am going to post more on another day about shifting our mindset in case you don’t see the relevance of how shifting mindset will help the world. The best thing about shifting your mindset is the positive flow comes back to you.

Life is great if we allow ourselves to believe in the possibilities instead of getting stuck in our own beliefs that hold us back from what we desire. Got some examples of some great mind shifts? Would love to hear them, please share them in the comment section below.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!




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