Self Mastery for Conscious Parents

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Take a moment to remember who you are daily

It is easy to get caught up with this world and lose sight of who we really are. But it is really important that you don’t do that as you are the key to your freedom to living the life of perfect balance that suits you. You are the being that harnesses your creative power just waiting to be expressed, you are the being that is filled with love inside… deep down inside even on the days you don’t feel so loving on the outside.

This morning was another especially challenging morning due to ‘work’, being on call when I’m not really on call any day and any time of the week. It takes away time from what I really love… which is you. Every day it is becoming more and more clear to me that what I love is me… and what me is… is connected to all of you.

My core intention is to live the life I was born to live, that which is a creative being expressing what I love and being more connected to love. I remember as a little girl the things that brought curiosity to me “why are we not open to helping people all the time?” “why does life seem so unfair?” “what is the meaning of life?” “what is the purpose of all this suffering?” “how can there be a God, if all this suffering is allowed?”… slowly the answers are coming to me and they were all inside me all along. The same answers are in you too if you search for them. The first answer to that question is in ‘you’. As you live a life of authenticity, you will start learning to love yourself completely. To love yourself completely means you need to tackle those really hard questions of all the fears we have and how we can respond to fears as they come up. To love yourself means allowing yourself to be the best person you were born to be and that means figuring out if something is stopping you from achieving greatness and freedom in your life. This is sometimes not an easy journey but I tell you, I’ve felt “heaven on earth” that is to feel free and peaceful in the everyday life and it’s attainable for us everyday once the feelings in our hearts become the control centre of our minds.

Do you take a few minutes every day to connect with who you are? What are some ways you connect with your true essence? Is it through meditation, prayer, mindfulness? Please share below in the comment section on how you connect with your essence as it may help others that are struggling with feeling that connection within themselves.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!



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