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Back to the basics

I find myself these days overwhelmed with all the tasks that I’ve taken on. It’s not a good feeling.These days I’ve gotten off track to what I’m all about and who I really am. Is it possible to be all that I want to be without taking on so much? I believe so. I believe I need to get back to the basics of who I really am… which is the creative, free spirit.

I feel I constantly get suckered into what the world tells me that I need to be and need to do. The fact of the matter is, there is truth on what I have to do but the timeline and pressure is what I give myself.

I’ve been having a few bad nights of sleep and I finally getting myself back to a place of letting go.  Tonight though, I got woken up by the baby at midnight, luckily fell back asleep after some meditation and relaxing of my breathing… then I got woken up again at 2:00am from my toddler twin son. As I lay there, thoughts of planning filled my head… so I started to meditate and relax again my breathing, which I know works on relaxing an overstimulated mind.  Seems like it’s been awhile that I don’t have to ‘work’ on relaxing so I thought I better get up and figure out what I’m doing wrong.

What I’m doing wrong is I’ve forgotten that all is perfect where I am today. I’ve forgotten I don’t need to do a million things to get where I want to be… and that I will get there in perfect timing. I’ve forgotten that I will be provided everything and anything and the only thing I need to focus on is to stay on the path… and the only path I need to do is to stay authentic.

So what am I going to do with all the tasks I’ve given myself? I’m going to schedule them out for the week and otherwise, drop it from my thoughts and focus on being creative and feeling free. Those are the only two things that matter in the long run for me.

One of the biggest lessons of leading with authenticity is that sometimes the road is bumpy and we have to remind ourselves to get back to the basics. Take it easy on yourself. Take one step forward and don’t fill your mind full of lack of things that aren’t done, be proud of where you are today.

What are some challenges you are faced with on your journey of authenticity? What are your basics that you fall back on to ground yourself back to your essence? Please comment below as I’ve love to hear what works for you.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!




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