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Changing the world by changing our actions

Can we change our world by changing our actions?

Watched this video and was thinking about how skewed the money distribution in America looks.

The point of talking about this video isn’t about making things ‘right’ but more about getting everyone to think about our wealth distribution. We should always be conscious in how we spend our money and how we role model what we spend. I understand there’s things in our home we know aren’t necessarily good for humanity and we feel we don’t have a choice.  If we actually sat down and thought about where we’re spending our money, would you spend it differently? Would you reach to buy that local item made out of sustainable material or would you still reach and buy that ‘name brand’? I’m not saying boycott businesses that are making way more than the small businesses, I’m saying THINK about the distribution of your spending.

On a piece of paper,  list out 5 of your most favourite products, then do some research, how well are these companies doing financially? Are there alternatives that you can try out and support? How are you supporting and contributing to the distribution of wealth in your country or other countries? Is there something that you would love to spend time creating so that other people in the world have better options? Have you taken the first steps forward in creating opportunities for wealth for yourself as well as creating better options for others?

I believe if we start thinking about how we are really showing up in the world and that our actions are a lot more powerful than what we sometimes ‘believe’ we are capable, each one of us could live the life of our dreams and at the same time leave this world in better condition than how it was when we came into it.

Humanity needs for each one of us to wake up and really THINK about your own actions. We can not keep going down this path and we need more trail blazers to make this a better place. Yes, I am passionate about it, I want a better world for our children, I want to role model a better way of living for our children. All it takes is a habit of not letting fear stop you, making it a regular action to step into something you have always wanted to do and embrace who you were born to be.

Do you feel small in this world or do you feel big? Are you stuck or are you living a life of opportunities? Are you closing yourself off to options or open for the Universe to flow abundance into you? Everything comes down to how you think and feel and which thought is taking the drivers seat of your physical well-being?

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!






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