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Either you trust the Universe or you don’t

Either you trust the Universe or you don’t…. there is no in between.

Trusting the Universe means you believe in a higher power that has you covered and you never need to worry about being provided with everything that you need and want in your heart. That doesn’t mean though you get to sit this one (life) out. When you trust the Universe, you also know that you’ve already been provided the most important job of your life and your employer is God or the Source, whatever you want to call it.

I find myself in an interesting predicament where I’ve really had to ask myself that question if I really trust the Universe or not. I’ve been fortunate to say that I’ve always lived a life where I’ve been provided with enough. Initially it was with my parents, I never felt they didn’t give me enough food, clothing, comforts of a warm home and love, all the fundamental need requirements.  When I became an adult and had to take care of myself, I always felt spiritually that I would be provided for, so money was never anything I really thought too much about or cared about and miraculously it always appeared to cover what I need. I remember once after quitting a job to go back full time to school for a year, by the time the year was over, I had about $250 in the bank account and no employment. Miraculously I got the perfect job at that time for me and got paid before I ran out of funds.

Flash forward, I’m now married to a wonderful man but his upbringing was opposite of mine. He grew up in a home where needs were barely covered and struggle was part of growing up.  Sure he had a mother that loved him but she was also struggling with providing clothes, good food, and love for 4 children all within a 3 year age span and felt unsupported by her husband both financially and emotionally. Her husband had grown up in a mentality of scarcity, so as he brought his children up, it was all about hoarding money, control and struggle.

Here’s my predicament… I found myself thinking in the back of my mind that I needed to get a job soon so that my husband doesn’t continue to worry about finances.  Although I’m not worried about being provided, I’m concerned about his feelings and his struggle about his thoughts of our future. My own struggle was coming from the fact that because I was so worried about his feelings that I was being pulled into a thought pattern I didn’t want to go into, one where I was controlling the outcome.  I don’t question that the universe will provide for me, whether that be through employment or through my own creative ventures but I realized I was questioning whether or not the universe would provide for us abundantly in a comfortable time frame and whether I trusted that to be there for me without me having to control the situation.  There are some lessons in there for me about my relationship with money and whether I have a healthy relationship too. Sure money was always there when I needed it in the past but did I believe that I would be provided with MORE than I could imagine? After some soul searching, I realize I do believe that the universe will provide for us abundantly, I also believe I need to allow that to happen which means I can’t bury my head in the sand about my relationship with money (ie. no relationship with money) or try to control the situation… all I can do is step up, follow what I’ve been called to do, open to receive, open to miracles and live each day in the now.

Do you trust the universe completely with your life? If not, what aspect of your life are you not giving up control over, what lessons of love are we learning from the situation we are currently in? What are some limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!





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