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Humanity : Unique, individual but not separate

One of the biggest challenges in my life is the fact that I have sometimes felt separate… that I felt I couldn’t make a difference in this world or that I was alone. The most valuable lesson I learned from being conscious and awakened to my own authenticity is that although I am unique, I am not separate from the rest of humanity.

Our egos tend to think of ourselves as separate, that we are in it alone and to look out for number one. But the truth of the matter is, we all have to work together for the sake of humanity to work as a whole. I see big changes ahead for all of us as we start embracing a more conscious self reflective role in this world. Our uniqueness comes from our authentic selves and although sometimes that may SEEM to be a bit elusive, we find that the easiest path to authenticity is to embrace being happy.

You are reading this because you were meant to. You are unique to what you have to offer this world. What makes you whole is as unique as a fingerprint. Your message of ‘light’  or peace in this world is unique to your style and although it may seem that someone else is already doing ‘it’… no one is doing it YOUR way, with YOUR voice.

The problem with feeling separate in humanity is it takes away your ultimate individual power and at the same time gives away the power of humanity to a select few. We are not talking about a communist way of living here where everyone is equal, what makes each of us at peace is very different depending on what makes you happy. One person can be very happy and at peace by serving their own immediate family, while another person would be very happy and at peace by serving a community. These mindsets can not be measured in a monetary way, though money in itself is just another communication tool.

So how do you embrace being unique, whole yet not as separate in humanity?

First off, learn to love yourself completely. This isn’t as simple as it seems. Whenever you see yourself as better or worst than someone else, there is essentially some work that needs to be done on how you truly love yourself. If you think you are better than someone, then what you are really doing is projecting a feeling of  “higher than thou”  to feel good about yourself, the question there is why do you need to project that on someone else to get that feeling. On the other hand, feeling like you aren’t as good as someone else is an obvious cry for self love as there is no one out there that is ‘better’ than any one of us.

Be open to miracles. Miracles are a natural occurrence in our lives, no different than a breeze on a beautiful spring day.  If you lack miracles in your life, there’s a possibility that you need to give up some form of control in your life.  Miracles need room to grow and if your whole life is set up the way you plan it to… there isn’t much room for natural opportunities.

Love others as you love yourself. With forgiveness that is. In a perfect world… well, we don’t live in a perfect world, so let’s get over that already. Allowing others to make mistakes, allows others and yourself to grow as well. You don’t have to hang around someone that irritates you but you can let them be. Realizing that although all of humanity is connected in some way doesn’t mean necessarily that we need to all hang out and be friends but it does mean we have to allow others to live their own journey.  If you love someone, appreciate someone… let them know.

Have courage to be you because there is no one else like you. Allow yourself to express who you are openly. Find what makes you happy and start talking about it.  Realize we are all on a journey to happiness and what you express today may not be what you express tomorrow but that is okay. With each turn on your journey, you become closer to a complete happy self that is at peace.

Forgive yourself to find peace. We should learn from our past but our past shouldn’t define us. Embracing the ugly parts and sharing those stories allows others to come out of their shadows as well. Any time you think ‘I should have’, perhaps that’s a thought we need to let go.

Be of service to others. Use your unique style and voice to help someone else that hasn’t found their voice too. Being of service to others helps our humanity as a whole and ultimately helps us find peace in our selves.

As we start a new year, my hope for humanity is that we start loving ourselves and each other. That we have gratitude in our hearts for all the wonderful things in our lives and forgiveness for those not so beautiful parts of our lives so we can have peace in our hearts and ultimately some day peace in our world.

Are you showing up and loving yourself? Are you open to the natural course of miracles in your life? What are some things you can do today to be happy and at peace?

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!




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