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Lessons learned from The Kickass Moms Summit

Most of you don’t know that I’ve been working hard for the last three months on an free online summit – The Kickass Moms Summit. We’re finally at that time where the promo period is starting and I couldn’t be more EXCITED!!

I thought this is a great time to tell you all about the lessons I’ve learnt during the last three months. In a sense, I wished I blogged the entire time up to this point, but I didn’t, so I’m going to have to go by the coles notes of my recollection (coles notes being the Canadian version of the American term for cliff notes).

Back in June during the summer months, the kids were all getting out of school and I was looking forward in anticipation of the fall months when finally ALL my little lovelies would be in school and I could get down to business. My youngest was turning 5 this year so that meant she was going to start Kindergarten in the fall. Finally, I thought, in a few months I’m going to FINALLY have the freedom to work for longer uninterrupted hours! First, we had go through the summer! We had a few things planned but not something every day as I really looked at this time as great time to be present with the kids.

Sometime during that month of June, there was a opening where I could join a group of heart centered business women in building their online presence and business with the guidance of an elite business coach. Only problem was that it started in July, right smack in the middle of summer holidays with the kids! After a lot of deep thought, I signed up. Oh, part of my lessons in life in 2015 was glaringly telling me there is never a perfect time for anything… so ironically the perfect time is when it’s imperfect but more about this later.

I thought the first two months of this business group were only going to require me to have a time commitment of an hour or two a day. Turns out the first project within this group was to build an online summit. I was kind of naive to think it would only take an hour or two a day! In retrospect, I want to share with you that building an online summit is a SHIT LOAD of WORK!! I also want to share with you that it’s been an incredible learning experience filled with joy, anxiety, love, fear and a whole gamut of roller coaster emotions. Now that I’m ready to ‘birth’ this ‘baby’, I’m so excited to tell everyone about the labor of love in order to make The Kickass Moms Summit happen.

Here’s some of the top lessons I learned through this creating this summit.

Community is invaluable when you are working on something big

I could not have done this without the beautiful heart centered ladies I met which are now part of my community of soul sisters. Every time I felt stuck and had a question, I had a tribe of women all on the same path there to support and encourage me. I found as time went on, what I went to these ladies for support with had changed. I started with a lot more uncertainty and a lot less confidence than where I am today. It is a result of being a part of this community that I was able to flex my baby CEO muscles.

Mindset is everything

Mindset is the foundation of success. If you don’t have the proper mindset, the road will be hard and difficult. It sounds so foo foo like the latest superficial trend but it isn’t. The reason so many successful entrepreneurs out there talk about mindset is because it’s the REAL DEAL. This is one thing you can’t get someone else to do, you can only experience it yourself. Conquer your mindset and you’re on your way.

Hire an awesome business coach

No one does it alone… no matter how much they give themselves credit. Behind each successful leader is a team of business coaches, mentors, like minded tribe (see above reference to community) and support. I was lucky that when I hired an elite business coach, she had a team of coaches working with her, so the availability to coaching was at my fingertips during those times I really needed someone to shine some light on some darkness.

Be ready to stare at RESISTANCE straight in the eyes

Resistance is a sneaky bastard. Take some time to write down the different ways resistance shows up in your life. There are patterns to each person’s resistance. Some examples include procrastinating when you aren’t feeling ready to work on something, negative self talk, and choosing self indulgence over working on something important to your heart. Be aware of how resistance is showing up for YOU and then stare it in the eyes and do it anyway. My personal resistance is negative self talk that ‘this is hard’ and ‘I don’t have what it takes to make this happen’. Resistance, I kicked your butt!

Abundance comes in many forms

A lot of people talk about abundance in the terms of money but I learned through these last few months that abundance also comes through in terms of time as well. We often hear people say “I don’t have time to…” this is simply not true. Now I’m not saying you should make time for everything but you DO have an abundance of time when it comes to working on a vision for your life. Abundance also comes in the form of opportunity and connections. I think I’m only touching the tip of the iceberg of this one.

Procrastination is the sister to Perfection

The reason people procrastinate is often because they are afraid to do it imperfectly. Along with that is worrying about judgement that we look like fools so why start until the everything is perfect. It’s like we’re waiting for the stars to align before we go for that next step that scares the crap out of us.  Well, I have news for you… the stars will only align if you go all out and embrace imperfection. I would have never started this summit if I was waiting for perfect. Trust me starting this during the summer months with three loud young kids was definitely not perfect and it would have been easy to procrastinate on starting.

Growth requires challenge to be present

If it doesn’t hurt a little there’s a chance you’re staying safe. Look around you in nature… the seedling about to break through the shell, the caterpillar eats itself during the metamorphosis to become a butterfly, sea turtles have to embrace a difficult journey just to get to the water’s edge. Real life isn’t pretty, some days it’s a real bitch but in those days are the real gems in life and where you find the most growth in your being. Don’t be afraid of difficulty, embrace it and surrender to what’s coming up next.

Exercise is a must to stay sharp

There’s a few times that I had such bad energy after talking with someone that it actually drained me for a few days. I still don’t love it and I admit kind of avoid it, which means there’s times I don’t feel so open to talking to the next potential expert for the summit in case they are pulling me through their ‘stuff’. Being an empath, I feel deeply the energy the other person is transmitting at any given moment.  It’s not their energy that is knocking me out, it’s that I care so much about these people even though they probably think poorly of me. I’m learning it’s not MY shit. One of the things I’ve learned through working on this summit is that physical exercise is a great way to get yourself out of the rut faster. There were days in the beginning that I would get knocked off my feet by someone else non verbal judgement of me when they don’t have a clue who I am. Regular exercise was a good way to clear up that energy and when you feel an extra dose of negativity… put on some good beats and dance your way out of it!

Focus is key

Every momentous event in life started with focus. As an entrepreneur it’s easy to get caught up in the rabbit hole of the next best thing. Focus on ONE thing and get it done. There’s plenty of time to do the other flashy stuff you’d love to do too but right now, focus on the ONE. It’s the first step to building a foundation to more. Ask yourself what’s the ONE thing I could do today that may catapult me to the next step? On that note, if you haven’t signed up for The Kickass Moms Summit, make that your first step! Sign up here.

I’m sure there are a lot more lessons out of doing this summit than what I listed above. As the summit airs starting October 17th, I will be blogging more about what I learned at that time.

Keep loving and learning however big or small!





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