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Project planning for Success

Project planning for success. Up until this past weekend, I’ve been going with the flow a lot with Fearless Mommies. I’ve been blogging about my life as a Fearless Mom, embracing my authenticity and leadership,  instead of reacting to the world around me.

Every day if I’m not hanging out with my kids, I’m writing or reading something about Project Planning, Success, Leadership, Spirituality and pretty much anything in between that has to do with running a successful business and living abundantly. There is a whole ton of information about anything and everything out there on the net about those topics and honestly, if you don’t plan for success, you will end up spinning your wheels and get caught up in the rabbit hole. If I don’t plan my time, it is easy to get distracted especially if I am online.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I went through a really gruelling last few weeks, most of it was to do with project management the way the Project Management Institute expects multi-million dollar projects to be run.  If you have been reading my posts before this week, you have seen me mostly working on getting guidance on how to run my life spiritually so this has been a real switching of gears for me. It’s been a real eye opener how to live spiritually yet grounded in this world – living in the NOW but planning for the future… more about this another day.

I’ve worked on web and software projects for over 15 years but have never had a web project as big as what I am planning for Fearless Mommies. The time has come to be a little more serious about how I am going to take Fearless Mommies to a new level and it to become a community of moms that lead with authenticity. A Fearless Mom is a mom that has or is creating a life of their dreams, most of these moms have businesses that are heart based and hoping to give back to the community. I spent over 26 hrs over the weekend attending a Marketing for Millions seminar held by Empowering Nations and the ideas of where I want to take Fearless Mommies just skyrocketed to a new level. I know if I don’t create a project plan it will take way longer to create the vision I have for Fearless Mommies.

If you want a life of abundance and freedom, I suggest you start off by working on a project plan for your business.

Reasons you need a project plan:

  • Clarity – by creating a project plan, you will get clarity on the breakdown of all the work required to get your business to the level of success you plan. You will identify the amount of work you are really looking at. You will have clear guidelines so you can stay on track without deviating from your plans.
  • Time – by organizing your time and resources, you can reduce the amount of time it would take to complete a phase in your business project; project planning could be the difference between spending 2 months to finish a deliverable to taking a year. Waste of time usually comes from lack of preparation and rework.
  • Quality – not only does planning help with time and success, but it will also help with creating a product that is of high quality without a lot of rework.
  • Success – project planning could be the difference between a successful business or one that loses steam and gets abandoned. Success verses paralysis from being overwhelmed.
  • Costs – project planning help you save money because you’ve saved time and rework.

These are just a few reasons why you need to create a Project Plan.  Sure, you can be successful without one, but it’ll be a lot faster and less stressful if you have a plan to succeed. The number one reasons for project failure is because of the lack of planning.

Have you created a project plan for your heart based business? If not, why not? Creating a project plan will remove a lot of headaches and make your whole idea of your dream business a little less scary. Feel free to comment in the section below.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!






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