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‘Life gets in the way’ of being authentic

I recently had a conversation about consciousness with someone and they said to me “That’s all great and all… but life gets in the way.”. What they were saying is what a lot of people say or think about when the subject of consciousness or authenticity comes to light. To sum up those thoughts, it’s pretty much to say  “My life is too busy for this woo woo stuff and that is not my reality”.

This is why I’m here… I’m here to tell those that think they don’t have time to work on authenticity that it is not life or business that is getting in the way. It is our selves getting in our own way and it is the thoughts of the collective consciousness of people in the world. That is not ‘reality’. Everyone gets so caught up with running around chasing after things only to end up where they started off and not feeling any more fulfilled year after year. I’m saying Wake up! It’s time to wake up to a new reality and really live life! We’re not born to live like a hamster in a cage, going around in circles on an exercise wheel; we’re not born to struggle financially in hopes of living a life of freedom at an old age… we’re born to soar like eagles in the sky. If you don’t honor that part of you, what happens is your body reacts to the fact that the soul is not healthy. I feel it, you feel it… when you wake up, you know what the truth is. The truth is that most of us still live in the illusion of who we think we are and not who we actually are, the result is a world that feels like struggle.

Be really kind to yourself. I understand for some of you, there’s a little light that is barely flickering, some need to be sparked or their flames fanned. I understand that ‘life’ gets in the way, but I also understand that this is important. I don’t want you to waste time anymore. I want you to make the best use of your time every day to live consciously. This means you honor your Self as being on a journey of self awareness.

When you live authentically, it’s like every day the world becomes more colourful and you see there is hope and a better future for our children. A future that isn’t filled with struggle but filled with love and support. You will see a future as a blank canvas just waiting for us to paint on. Please stay with me on this journey, it is really important for the future of humanity – if the word humanity doesn’t hit home with you, let us acknowledge that includes your nieces, nephews, children and grandchildren’s futures.

What life challenges are getting in your way to living a full brilliant life? Let’s embrace it together and share our challenges. Please comment on the section below, your comments may help someone else shed light on their dark nights.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!




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