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Living large and living free

Living large and living free… as I wrote in a recent post, I got let go from my last job after I decided to stop controlling the situation of having a ‘job’ and I actually gave it up to the universe. All I’ve been wanting is to live free, so I can be there for the kids when they need me, so I can be creative towards living a life of purpose. Well, it dawned to me today that I am actually living that life right now. It is truly amazing and it really it is all about perspective… someone can be in the same situation and be worried, miserable, and anxious about losing a job but I see it as I asked the universe for something and the universe delivered. It is still delivering everyday towards my dreams and visions. It doesn’t mean I know exactly the outcome of what next year will look like but it means I trust that the universe is going to handle all the tough questions, I just have to take care of the little stuff of today.

So now that I am living large and living free… I want to keep this energy and feeling and let it expand. I believe your thoughts and feelings are what creates your tomorrow… so why worry when I can enjoy and love the life I was meant to live? Those feelings of peace, joy, creativity, excitement, love are what is going to fill my tomorrows. I am in love with life and so excited about the possibilities.

Are you feeling stuck today? If so, have you given it up to the universe to handle? If not, what’s stopping you from stepping into the life you desire? Please comment below to share your story, maybe it could help someone get unstuck too.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!



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