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Living in a state of flow

Again I am up in the middle of the night, my mind filled with thoughts of reflection and planning. Seems to be the norm for me and it really drives me crazy (and I’m sure for my poor husband).

This night I’m reflecting a lot about the state of flow because yesterday I attended a workshop for Living a Life of Balance, held by Diane Taylor from Glow Leadership and this week, I’ve been seeing so many opportunities presented before me and I know the Universe is delivering it all because I was open and had intentions for them.

These are two areas in my life that I’m getting the message I need to pay attention to: Balance and Flow. Yesterday, after the workshop, I was fortunate to spend some time with my lovely conscious lady friends, Lorie Corcuera and Aileen de la Torre from Spark Creations. So the topic of “Flow” came up and the question was “What is flow to you and how do you stay in the flow?”.  I would like to add to that question, “how do you know you’re in the flow of the universe?”.

I’m going to attempt to answer those questions here.

What is flow? Flow to me is being one with the universe. Realizing the divine nature of the relationship between us and the Universe (God, Creator… whatever you want to call it)… it is the spiritual state, connection and guidance. There are other words to describe it, such as Eckhart Tolle describing it in his book “The Power of Now” or Abraham Hicks calls it “The Vortex” or Wayne Dyer “The Tao”.

How does one get into the flow? You get into the flow by being spiritually open to receive the Universal power and support.  It isn’t something that you control but rather it is something you trust to be there and your heart is open to receiving. There are many ways you can be open to receiving, such as practicing yoga, meditation, prayer or simply being still.

How do you stay in the flow? For me it is the daily rituals of intention, affirmations, gratitude, curiousity and managing my emotional energy by having FAITH that FLOW is there. I use my emotional energy to help me navigate my thoughts. For instance, if I’m feeling anxious, I have to revisit what in my thoughts is making me anxious and how can I change those thoughts so it becomes a situation where I am at peace and happy with who I am (two of the most powerful words “I am”). Every morning, I wake up stating my intentions and affirmations and every night, I go to sleep with my gratitudes and questions I have for the Universe so my brain is on a Google search all night, indexing my thoughts (whoops… did my geeky-ness just seep out?). You’ll find you will start waking up with some very creative solutions. Every moment, I have my emotions in check and every moment, I check what thoughts are being created from that emotion and if I need to re-frame them to something that works for me. It is important to follow up with ACTION. Without action, there will be no flow.

How do you know if you are in the flow? You are in the flow when miracles start happening in your life. Dots are being connected, life starts to guide you toward opportunities for your well being. Relationships and connections form to enrich your life. It isn’t a state of perfection but rather a state of growing and becoming who you were meant to be. It is a gentle guidance towards your ultimate potential – sometimes even reluctantly because we fear it. There will be days when you feel you’ve a little out of flow but having gone through this many times, knowing that it’s not true and sometimes feeling down and disconnected is part of your journey of being in flow and the upswing always follows a time of  ‘rest’.

Do you know what being in the flow feels like? If so, what do you do to stay in the flow? Feel free to comment below in the comments section.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!




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