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Are we tested on our journey?

Is it true that we are tested on our journey? When I started this journey of authenticity, I thought that I was being ‘tested’ every time I hit a bump on the journey. Now that I’ve been on this journey for awhile, I realize this simply isn’t true. We aren’t being tested but that’s not to say that our journey to authenticity is not challenging and does not feel like we’re being tested.

What’s actually happening is much like growing pains. When we take on something new like living with authenticity, it requires work and learning, we are actually exercising our minds and attitudes. To use something physical as a parallel example, if we don’t know how to play a piano but one day decide to learn, initially it feels awkward and each stroke feels deliberate, not to mention we don’t sound so great.  While we improve, often we realize how far we are from where we want to sound. Often, people have the best intentions on taking on something like playing a piano but not everyone is willing to put in the work to sound like a professional. When someone puts in the work, eventually they sound so wonderful that they can showcase their hard work. When one reaches that calibre of being a pianist, the fingers naturally flow from note to note on the piano keys, the entire body is consumed with the music and it feels like it’s coming from the essence of the pianist.  Similar to that, exercising our authenticity requires us to exercise our attitude to stay in the positive.

What exactly are we exercising? We are exercising our ability to love. Some of us don’t even realize how challenged we are in this area. A lot of humanity is walking around this world, feeling separate from community. We feel closed off from allowing ‘strangers’ into our lives… but what is actually happening is we are closing ourselves off from receiving miracles that our natural course of authenticity presents before us. When we feel closed off, everything in our life is constricted including our physical bodies in the form of stress, diseases and illnesses. Sometimes the feeling is so minute, we don’t realize we are doing this even though we may feel a little stressed or down about life.  The results are we live day to day, not receiving the abundance that which is naturally ours to receive when we are open.

So we are not being tested so much as we are going through growing pains. These may feel like we are disconnected from our universal source of energy. In time, the natural flow of miracles and abundance becomes smoother and more natural and feeling open to love becomes our new normal.

During those times of challenge, it is good to be at peace with yourself and realize that more growth is around the corner. It is good to journal your trials and tribulations because they are good reminders how far we are in our path to authenticity.

Have you felt tested on your journey? In those times, what emotions do you feel? What action steps do you take during those times of challenge to change that mindset to one which is more positive?

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!



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