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Why can’t life be easy?

Whomever said that life was supposed to be easy? The flip side of that is sometimes life is really easy.

Here’s the thing… I don’t believe life is meant to always be easy. When I reflect back in my past experiences, the times that life was easy and comfortable for me were the times I didn’t exactly develop too much in character.

When I look back and look at all my accomplishments, they all happened from some form of hard work. Now I know there were also a lot of miracles that happened that made life really easy and flow… more on that later.

When you really want something, you have to stretch yourself and get out of comfortable.  So every day I’m making a new habit of doing something uncomfortable towards goals I’ve set up for myself. What I’m really reflecting and asking for is an expansion of what I’m capable of. In the past, I’ve had what I thought were lofty goals… starting a family late in my years, moving up from an admin assistant to a web developer, moving from a web developer to a software developer… each time I stretched, I had to do something that challenged me and it was uncomfortable. I doubted myself in the process, I didn’t give up on myself and I kept going… until I achieved what I wanted. What I learned is you can achieve anything you want, if you give up then you didn’t want it bad enough or somehow you feel it’s not something possible for you. I also learned that if you send out the message that you want something really bad and are willing to break free from your limitations of time and / or money, you will be awarded more abundantly than you ever imagined for yourself.

You’re not in it alone. There’s a whole army of invisible forces that are waiting to meet up with you on your path to success, so don’t give up. Reach out for support to those around you.

Why is this important? It’s important because the only reason you want something so much in your heart is because it’s a blueprint of who you are meant to be. You might have heard the only person in the way of you getting what you want is ‘you’… it’s all true.

Keep loving and learning however big or small!




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