Self Mastery for Conscious Parents


Drumroll please… and the number one rule in life is…

Be yourself!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  – Oscar Wilde

Recognize that your true Self is that of love. At any time, you are bringing the self that is not happy into the present moment, know that is not the real you deep in side.

How can you tell if it’s the real you or not?

Here’s some points on who the REAL YOU is NOT:

  • You are NOT frustrated
  • You are NOT judgemental
  • You are NOT miserable
  • You are NOT angry
  • You are NOT depressed
  • You are NOT controlling
  • You are NOT alone
  • You are NOT incapable
  • You are NOT unworthy
  • You are NOT fearful

Here’s some points on who you ARE:

  • You are Love
  • You are Selfless
  • You are Courageous
  • You are Fearless
  • You are Freedom
  • You are Creative
  • You are Soulful
  • You are Greatness
  • You are Grateful
  • You are Kindness
  • You are Laughter
  • You are Joyfulness
  • You are Knowledge
  • You are Wisdom
  • You are Energy (and Energy is in everything!)

But here’s the catcher… to all of us right now in this world, our reality includes all of the above. Meaning all the negative and positive feelings we explore in our world. The world is our playground for us to explore all the depths of our emotions, however, a lot of us have been feeling safe in our lower vibrational emotions and the higher vibrational emotions are where we have to stretch and expand into while in this world.

The good news is that being our Selves can be quite easy and where it isn’t easy, it will be worth your while. Any time you are stretching into love, creativity, positive energy etc, you are allowing for more of the you to come into light. Any time we become aware of our own shadows and what is ultimately stopping us from being the most authentic person there is, we realize the only person that is stopping us is ourselves and we shine our light on it.

You are not alone in this journey. There’s a whole lot of FearlessMommies and conscious teachers with you but most importantly, the universe is with you… whatever you want to call the universe (Insert your label here… ie. God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Muhammad, Spirit, Source, Energy, Divine Goddess, Kermit… the label doesn’t matter). There is absolutely nothing that the universe can not do. The only thing for us to do is to learn to be loving where we are, even through adversity and to allow for the universe to work it’s miracles.  Know that you can ask the universe for guidance at all times, in fact, we are meant to.

Be the YOU that was destined to be, live the life you dream of. Peel back the layers to the real You. Feel free to comment below ♥.

Keep loving and learning and making a difference, however big or small!




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